Friday, August 25, 2006

Power Tripping, Is this a Filipino Thing?

I had a meeting with the two city managers and five assistant branch managers this morning at 8 a.m. to discuss with them the "Marketing Blitz" we were going to do that day. I'm in charge of this whole activity since I am the marketing manager for the suburban area. I talk and drive around the city for a living. I'm glad I talk and talk, rather than think and think. It's so much easier.

Anyhow, one of the city managers cut me off and opposed me when I was discussing marketing strategies. That is a big no-no. That is so unprofessional. I played it cool, though. I didn't want any kind of confrontation and so I just shut my mouth and let him speak. I know what I was saying, and I wanted him to continue making a fool of himself. He doesn't have a good reputation anyway amongst his employees. But this guy, he loves to talk, talk, talk, talk, and talk. He actually doesn't talk for a living. He's in operations. But he talks and talks and talks like there is no tomorrow. And trust me, that gets annoying.

So yeah, people love to power trip. Over a group of people, they wield whatever power they have, no matter how small their position is. Even a freakin' receptionist will think she owns the company. Even a freakin' restaurant manager thinks he's the only one who can serve food. Even a freakin' doorman can think he owns the whole building.

My friend from the Philippines told me that is a common Filipino trait, where even the smallest person, if given some little form of authority, enjoy being in command. They like to make other people feel like they are in control. Sort of like showing off. To let the other person know that you are a superior being. Case in point: people there have such expensive cell phones, but hardly any load or hardly any thing in their homes. They are so aware of brands, they try to wear brand name clothes; I said "try" because most of them are fake clothes. In fact, on a couple of occasions, someone came up to me if the clothes I was wearing (Abercrombie and Diesel) were real.

More points to make. Balikbayans love to go back to the Philippines and show off. They pretend they have a lot of money, but really, it's borrowed from the bank.

I am proud to be a Filipino. But there are certain things I can't help but talk about. Don't worry, I will be talking about our strengths soon. Let's get these "negativities" out of the way first.


Anonymous said...

that's true, there are a lot of filipinos who's got cellphones that are so nice and expensive yet they can't afford to load it with prepaid cards. i guess they got this notion that they would look like an elitist with that, but if you are struggling to pay that through "pahulugan", or through your credit cards, or getting a line then evading your post paid line and run from it. think again. you might need to set yourself back into reality and rethink about your lifestyle. Maybe having all those debts, is not worth it versus having a more comfortable lifestyle and being debt-free... or having something more in the bank that you can use for emergencies that you can use just when you needed it... but then again, that's your life and that's your choice on how you want to live it... mine was just something to ponder on.
Ow, and for those power trippers,... what comes around comes around. they must have had a very bad childhood experience. that's all i can say. i thank God mine was a great one.

chelsi said...

as i mentioned in one of my comments i work in greenbelt and im a sales assistant. sales lady as some would say. its in a really posh part of the greenbelt and where pillows are for 3000 php. the thing is... yes you have an honest to goodness job but what of it when people who comes in to the store and treat you like a lowly servant... so i cant help to say that my favorite customers would be european or american foreigners who would automatically smile at you when you greet them (uber rich pinoys... the people in sociaty pages are really nice... ex. would be ting ting cojuangco, i assisted her the other night).sadly this attitude is not only connected to filipinos but i notice this power tripping thing with other asian customer

AIEPRO said...

It's been so many years when I first posted this. I'm revisiting and re-reading my blog. I have been here in the Philippines for almost seven years now, and I understand the culture a lot more.

I still see power tripping pinoys, especially the rich ones. Sad to say, but the rich get richer, the poor get poorer.

We should all stop power tripping and give each other respect.