Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Are We All Prostitutes?

What a hot, hot, hot day here in Las Vegas. Low at 84 degrees. High at 104. It's so damn hot you can fry sunny side ups on my stomach. Fortunately, it's not humid; otherwise, I would be sweating like a pig knowing it's getting ready to be roasted.

My job (I'll call it a job, since I know I won't be doing it for long) involves driving around the entire city talking to decision makers. I wonder if I'm going to get in trouble for saying I won't be there long; in the US, this is enough cause for termination. Especially here in
Nevada, where it's a "right to work state." You know, there are a lot of power trippers out there. Even the smallest receptionist will wield her gatekeeping skills, making her feel the almighty protector of the company. Sometimes, I don't get it. It's like saying, "I don't need your business, because nobody else needs mine." We're all co-dependent. I'm marketing something that the company needs to operate their business.

So, day after day, hour after hour, heat after heat, we all give up a certain part of ourselves to make
money. Time, energy, pride, dignity, sweat, health, family, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband--yes, we all sacrifice a certain part of our lives for the glorious green, the dough. Like they say, money makes the world go 'round. But then again, they also say, money is the root of all evil. I say, money, used wisely, is good thing. Hmmm. Is that profound enough? But back to that point of giving a part of ourselves, sometimes more, to make that money. A society like ours depend on money to survive. In the end, we'll work for that money. Some work using their beauty. Some using their skills. Some, their you know what. In the end, we all have to surviveAnd if you're not guilty of anything, here's a stone you can throw.

One day, I will not be working for corporate America. I do not know the man (or woman, or transvestite, or transgendered) whom I work for. I close accounts, gain money for the company, but I see almost nothing of that gain. So yes, I will work for myself some day. I would rather sweat and give some of myself to my own cost. At least I know that the fruit of my labors, is the fruit of my own doings


vinny said...

like what you got started in there, everything flows smoothly--, like i can just read and feel for you. i liked what you got already.. so will read on below...

pretty fluid.....

AIEPRO said...

Revisiting my blog. I can't believe I sounded like this. Hahaha.