Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Strength of Catholics in the Philippines

Blasphemous! We've replaced the 12 disciples and Jesus with supermodels. Female disciples? Male Mary? Female Jesus? Think about thinking out of the box.

I forgot where I saw this picture, but I thought it was very interesting because it shakes up the mind. It makes one think and wonder about the possibilities. It really opens your eyes to looking at things from a different perspective.

So about the catholics here in the Philippines? If we are such a strong catholic nation, why is our country described as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. If most citizens are catholics, why is there such pervasive display of non-catholic, unchristian behavior wherever you go. From Pagudpud to Sorsogon (that's the commercial from the movies), you see human tragedy. Greed, power, poverty, hunger, corruption.

Does that mean, then, that most catholics are hypocrites? That they go to church but don't really practice what they learn? Or does that mean that they are not hypocrites, but that the church is teaching them the wrong things?

Someone, please tell me.
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Analyse said...

oh they could go on with what they're doing, anyway, may awa ang diyos.. and patatawarin naman sila ng diyos..

hopeless. sometimes, when i think about it, i sometimes would like to blame religion.. why we continue growing in population when we can't even feed every mouth out there.. tsk..

Anonymous said...

im not sure how you came up with this;

catholics=hypocrites because
philippines (predominantly catholics)=corrupt nation

Greed and power does not have a religion. Those in power are politicians first before anything else.

To the above post, healthy population is the first step to a successful country (i.e. US baby boomers). There is food for everyone yet again inequality is what makes the basic needs of people scarce (i.e you can buy the best philippine products outside the philippines).