Monday, February 18, 2008

LTO and the Student Permit

This morning, my friend went to the LTO to get a student permit. He called them three times to ensure he gets the necessary documents to bring with him. How sad is he, calling three times? Well, can't blame him. I guess in a country like ours, you need to make sure and make sure and make sure.

So when he got there, the person assisting him said that he needed an ID with a TIN # on it. You cannot just have a passport or an ID with no TIN #. You cannot just have a TIN #. It must be on an ID.

It's really sad to think that people like these are running our government offices. After having called several times, my friend still didn't get the right information. What do the LTO people need an ID with a TIN # on it? Passport and TIN # and Birth Certificate won't suffice. YOU MUST HAVE AN ID WITH TIN # ON IT.

That is what they said. So now he has to go back tomorrow. Waste of time. Waste of cab fare.

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