Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Great Talkers are Little Doers

Today, one of my clients asked me, "What's wrong with the Filipinos?" He's a foreigner from Korea. He said that most Filipinos he meets are fed up about their situation. They always speak of corruption, bad politics, dirty streets, disorganized communities, poverty, poor education, bad government, the kitchen sink, the beeping car, you name it. He asked me, "If the Filipinos are so disappointed about their current situation, why is the country not changing?"

I ask the same thing myself. The only answer I can think of is that we like to talk, complain, whine, or what not, instead of helping to make a change through action. This begs the question, "Why do we not take action?" My honest opinion is that we are afraid. We are afraid that if we take action about the wrongdoings, we may be harmed in the process. Therefore, we would rather shut up and put up. If it inconveniences us, turn a blind eye. How sad that we must behave this way. However, I do understand, for we may only be protecting our own lives.

But there comes a time when you just need to speak out. When is this time?


Iron Pugilist said...

When one lives in excess, a dozen live desperately. The person who lives in excess will not sacrifice his lifestyle for justice.

A corrupt person with power will always spread lies or liquidate anyone who tries to restore the balance.

Dr.D. said...

Man, I completely agree with the title of your post, and your analysis of the situation! I also share the sentiments you expressed over at Schumey's blog (Philippine Experience).

So.. what do you think can we do? What concrete steps can we take? Together, we are all more powerful than the Arroyos...

A few suggestions, maybe:
(1) start a concerted effort to prevent cha-cha from ever happening (whatever that might take)
(2) educate our friends, families, contacts, etc. about the real situation thru emails, blogs, websites, general talk/discussion, etc.
(3) encourage NGOs, civil society, religious groups, etc. to lead the way by expressing our support for them vocally, physically, and even financially...

What else? What do you think?

mschumey07 said...

Yup, we have a lot of those. Apathy, that's the problem. Life becomes too hard that the only one we think of is ourselves. Many actually are doing something but small steps end up with small results.

Filipinos do not have an icon they can bank on. Our leaders do not inspire us, that is the problem. So everybody just turns a blind eye to the things around them. It's actually fear but a matter of priority. We all need to work hard to survive and in the process, we stagnate as a society.

Welcome back, bro.

Anonymous said...

iron pugilis nailed the issue on the head.

Corruption and red tape is so deeply rooted that in order for change, we have to remove every government employee (local to national gov.) from the janitor/messenger to the presidential secretaries of each agency up to the senators and the President, LITERALLY.(see the Philippine Customs)

To top it of, it won't just be the government that we will be going up against (if you're lucky not get yourself cemented on an empty drum and thrown to the sea) but also the lobbyists and corporations with vested interest (meralco).

And how can we expect the people to do all these when the middle class only have enough time to earn and provide for their families if not trying to seek a better life outside the country.

The only way I can see a big chance of this happening is through an economic meltdown (like that of Argentina).

Still another isssue is, who are we going to put in the position?

Sorry to be on the negative. Idealism is a good thing but we all have to face reality, wether we like it or not.