Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Government Office Hung up on me

Should I be surprised that an employee in a government office I called today hung up on me? Should I be upset? Should I be disappointed? No, I shouldn't be. I've expected it. If I get all fired up, it would just ruin my day. There are certain things we cannot change, and we should just accept them. Does this mean I'm becoming a wuss? Am I ready to accept and do nothing? Of course not. This is a battle I can not win. Many of us have to complain to this person's manager in order to see a change. And even then, there probably won't be a change.

I called the Bureau of Immigration at about 11am, and this dude answered told me I should call back at 1pm because there is no one else there to answer my inquiries. Why pick up the phone then? And what is he doing there if he cannot answer questions? Is he there to simply pick up the phone and tell people to call back? Are we paying for his salary? Well, he probably doesn't get any salary, so he doesn't care if he helps or not. Thus continues the vicious cycle...

I would recommend to government office managers. Do a phone shop of your own office. Pretend you are a customer yourself. I can guarantee you that you will not like the service that your own people are providing. Is that how you want your office provided? I'm sure you already know that the way your people treat others is a reflection of who you are as a manager. So why allow your people to be rude and worthless. You wouldn't want your sister, mother, brother, grandmother, father to go through a bad experience, do you? Why allow your people to serve us in such a poor manner? Yes, do a phone shop, and you will discover how ineffective your people are. Just a small suggestion.

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mschumey07 said...

Karina David of the CCS said that our government is full of political appointees. These are not career officers and are employed because of political connections. Our government employees are demoralized.

Our leaders exploit their powers which trickles down to the employees. They set bad examples which the employees emulate. They all think that we, the taxpayers are their servants instead of the otherway around.