Monday, January 28, 2008

Proof that Filipinos are Poor in Customer Service

I was looking for a place to eat in Market Market a few weeks ago, and I chanced upon this interesting gadget at North Park Restaurant. Could this be proof that Filipinos are ingenious? Or is it proof that Filipinos just don't know what good customer service is?

First, my idea of good customer service in a sit-down restaurant is where the waiter or waitress attending your table serve you. When I say serve, I don't mean serve you food or kiss your feet. What I mean is that they should come around your table once in a while to refill your water, ask if you have another order, refill your drink, remove your used plates, comes to check on your table if everything is okay. This should be the norm. However, I find myself having to raise my hand every time I need a refill, or I have more order, or if I want napkin, or if I want the bill, or if I want some ketchup, some hot sauce. Maybe I'm just too demanding. But this is the norm I'm used to. In fact, good waiters and waitress upsell their products and come back if you want some dessert or anything else. Here in the Philippines, it seems like you are an inconvenience for being in their restaurant.

Okay, before you all get fired up about this, I'm not saying all Philippine restaurants are like this. Just the ones that I go to, like the ones in Greenbelt or Glorietta. And around Metro Manila. Perhaps 5 out of a 100 restaurants I go to are actually decent when it comes to service. My personal favorite for service is Bubba Gumps. They are so attentive, so fast, so nice...Oh, and Burger King! They're awesome! They can make your burger the way you want pickles, extra onions and lettuce please. McDonald's crewmembers would flip out if you asked for extra lettuce. Haha.

Anyway, back to this picture. This gadget allows you to push the button and a waiter/waitress will see their electronic board that table #37 is in need of service. To me, that means they won't care about you unless you press that button. They take a more reactive approach. Me, I want proactive. If I want my tip to be bigger, I'd take a proactive approach. I'd come by your table, and I'd ask if there's anything else I can get for you. I'd keep refilling your water or softdrinks. I'd clear your table immediately so that you don't have leftover chewed food in front of you. I'd really do that. I have done that. Here, eat your shit, pay your bill, and go cause I have another customer coming.

This gadget to me is symbolic of a Filipino robot. Push the button, and I will respond. Otherwise, my battery is dead, and I will not pay attention to you.


Ade said...

You're right. I couldn't have said it better.

Anonymous said...

Filipinos?! all filipinos? anong alam mo? akala mo nman kung sino!

AIEPRO said...

Hmmm. Who said "all Fiipinos?"