Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wild Taxi Drivers

I am a taxi freak! I don't have a car yet. I'm working on that one. So I'm forced to ride taxis everywhere my legs will not take me.

Observation 1. Picky taxi drivers. For crying out loud, I always give tips, 10-50 pesos, depending on the distance. I have had so many cab drivers refuse me for going to Makati or Ortigas. Shit, I'm not going to Ilocos. When they refuse, I walk out of the cab, and leave the door open. I know that's bad. I gotta learn to relax.

Observation 2. Lots of English speaking taxi drivers. Do you think they can work for the call center?

Observation 3. Taxi drivers love to pee. I guess they have small bladders. They are always pulling over to pee where ever they want. I learned a new word...jingle. Mag-ji-jingle!!! He will pee.

Observation 4. They don't want to turn on the meter. I can understand; the meter cheats them of a higher salary. Unfortunately, they always go over Php 100 than what I would normally pay from point to point.

Observation 5. They always beep at you. If I wanted a taxi, I would raise my hand. No need to beep for me.

Observation 6. Most of them are very friendly. They like to talk about politics. Then they like to ask me what country I'm from because my Filipino sounds weird they say.

Observation 7. They like to complain about the traffic. I guess this is their first time in Manila, and they've never seen traffic before. I've been here about a year, so I no longer complain. I just accept and start to look for alternative means to beat it.

Observation 8. They like to charge extra if you're carrying a luggage. What difference does it make? You don't charge extra for my friend, do you? What an opportunistic!

Observation 9. The one with the yellow cab seem to be a better experience. They're nicer, friendlier, and smell better.

Observation 10. Race car drivers or taxi drivers? Filipinos should go into drag race now. They're very good weaving in and out of traffic. And no accident. Whoa! I'm amazed.

I have a million observations, but I guess 10 will suffice for now.

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