Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bringing Kale to the Beach with The American Institute

A relaxing day at the beach.  That is the perfect getaway for me.  And to have your dog as a pillow.  Haha.  On the 5th year anniversary of our school, the American Institute for English Proficiency, we brought Kale to Anawangin Cove with us.  He was popular to everyone.  After all, he's a Golden Retriever.

He was more than willing to be my pillow.  No animal cruelty here.  In fact, he loves to be pet.  He loves to play as well.  Yes, he wants you to throw the ball!  Throw a stick.  Yes, even a rock.  He wants to play, play and play.  He also loves to swim.  In fact, when he's at home, he loves to go into the bathroom to look for water, not to drink, but hoping that he would get a shower. 

So that's Kale!  The playful, lovable golden retriever.

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