Friday, May 18, 2012

Follow your Passions and Love What you Do

Khate, Kenneth, Keith, Ivan after C3 Class
I had the pleasure of teaching three bright teenagers, Ivan, Kenneth, and Khate, and a recent college engineering graduate, Ivandrea, this morning.  Yes, they are all learning English proficiency, communication skills, conversation fluency, critical thinking, and confidence building.

Since three of them were just teenagers, I wanted to first discuss their future goals. Khate wants to become a statistician, Ken a basketball player, and Ivan, an actress.  Keith just graduated with a degree in engineering and is about to take the board exam.

I reminded them that being ambitious is really good.  It will help them go beyond what most people could achieve.  I also reminded them that being ambitious and waking up to reality are two different things.  Reality will tell them that they can't do it.  But if they really want to achieve their goals, they must fight for their dreams.

Most people do not reach their full potentials because they give up, they wake up to reality, or they do not follow their passions.  I encouraged them to do what they love doing.  As long as they love what they do, they will never go wrong.

We ended the class with public speaking.  They practiced their Five Elements.  We had done this many times, but they are still unable to fully complete the structure in their speeches.  Why?  Not enough practice.  I encouraged to be better than average.  And that requires practice, practice, and more practice.

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