Saturday, December 09, 2006

Filipino Does Not Want my Business

My friend tried to buy a 100 pesos load from this little kiosk inside Greenbelt One, and she turned him down because my friend only had a 500 peso bill. She told him that she did not have change.

My friend asked if she could double check her change, and soon enough, there were four 100 peso bills and some other loose change.

To make a long story short, the girl inside this kiosk said that she was holding that change for the next customers.

What the frick? Holding the change for the next customers? I have never heard of such a thing. Actually, I lied. I have heard of it before. And it was in the Philippines again. The 7-Eleven on Paseo de Roxas corner Dela Rosa. What the hell? Is this the way Filipinos do business?

It happened to me twice. So it's gotta worth blogging, right? Who taught these people that this was proper business practice, holding the change for the next few customers? What if the next 1000 customers had 500 peso bills? Will she keep holding it till someone has a 200 peso bill? Mind you, we don't stink. I'm not the ugliest person in the world. I shower everyday. My clothes are decent. They're washed. I don't think it was me or my friend. This has got to be a Filipino mentality! Right? Or am I just seeing things?

Anyway, I decided to take a picture of this little kiosk, since I had my camera with me. Now, I'm inspired to take pictures of "silly people" and "silly things." and blog about them too. Adds flavors to my stories. Like they say, photos tell a million words. Something like that. So in a way, she inspired me. Ha ha.

My recommendation: take care of the customers right in front of you, and worry about the next customers later. What if you had a patient dying in the hospital. Well, let's save this medicine for our next patients. This is too much for this patient. OK, I know this is a far fetched analogy. Maybe not.


Cai said...

Holding change? What's up with that?

Actually, just the vendor not having change is enough to make me move on to the next vendor. Is change really so hard to obtain?

Posting photos of your silly situations is a good idea.

jhay said...

It will be quite difficult for stores and retailers to have change at hand these days because of the Christmas season. Still it's not an excuse.

I had experienced this before and most of the times, the person manning the cashier would get a mouthful from me. I'd always say: "It's not my job to have change ready at hand, that's what you retailers are for." They'd cave in and go look for change.

Abner M. Hornedo, M.D. said...

Welcome to the Philippines dude! I hope you are enjoying your stay there! Tsk, tsk, tsk, another one for the books... (blog)! That one is new!