Friday, December 08, 2006

Back from the Dead

I am back from the dead. I am here in the Philippines now, and in the last month and a half, I could not write about my experiences here in the Philippines. I mean, while I was in the US, I was able to reflect on what life was like in the Philippines.

But now that I live here, for some odd reasons, I cannot spill a word. I am frozen. Maybe I am discombobulated by all the things that I am seeing here. I have had so many experiences that make me wanna tear my hair out. But I've also enjoyed so many things. I must say, I love this country more than I despise it. I know there can be a change.

Why did I ever major in Political Science? I am so critical of the government of the Philippines. Inefficienct to the max. If you were to have a relay race between the fastest government employee versus my four grandparents, who are still alive thank God, my grandparents would win by a mile. Slow government. Corrupt government. How much money do you want from me before you start to make things more expedient? Shame on you.

OK, enough ranting.


Cai said...

Hey! Good to read you again! I would love to hear about your experiences there, so hope you keep writing!

By the way - you already know me. I had to change my name and anonymize my blog =(

jhay said...

Finally an update to your blog. I thought you've completely let go of writing. Well it's good to hear from you again, and welcome home.

You don't actually need to major in Political Science to know how rotten and corrupt our government is. You just have to spend a few minutes in the slums of Manila and you'll get the picture.

Wil said...

You're alive! hehe. anyway, good luck with making a change for the better in the Philippines. I'm hoping to visit the motherland myself, hopefully in about a week. If I see a red chili pepper out there, I'll know it's you. hehe. peace.

dazi said...

(can't find your email ad, sorry if this is quite long.)


i googled "neozep internet ad" because i need it for my class, your blog was one of the hits. searched for the word "neozep" got interested with stuff that you wrote.

some terms rang bells in my ear. politics, volunteerism, calling, etc. [totally forgot about neozep, didn't I :)]

i myself am a volunteer and community worker above other things. anyway, if you're interested, i've got a group up North Luzon, we go to communities and provide capability trainings to youth leaders. In particular we conduct voters' involvement workshops months before national elections, there are many of us who are also fed up with this system-- it's really hard to change it, but we are hopeful that such small efforts will lead us somewhere. in between election years, we go to communities and conduct leadership training workshops, journalism seminars-- and whatever trainings our volunteers can handle.

we're a non-stock, non-profit, internally-funded group... yup, we bleed our own pockets to visit communities. a lot of what you said in your other blogs are true, but service to remote communities can ground your passion for this country more. maybe i was led to your page by mere coincidence, or maybe not. I don't know, I'm not sure how we can be of help to each other, or if you are interested to help or participate or whatever. you may want to join our young voters' involvement caravan this summer.