Saturday, October 07, 2006, a Reflection of Filipino Culture

Ebay can be addicting. I should clarify,, NOT There really is a difference. Mainly, is true auction online whereas is retail with 5% discount online.

To be continued...brain freeze.

WHOA!!! Did I have a month of brain freeze? I started the two paragraphs above on October 6, and it's now November 9. Actually, I have been preoccupied with so many other things, I just couldn't focus on putting my thoughts down.

I started writing this post in Las Vegas. Now I continue it in Makati a month later. 6000 miles away. My sentiments are still there; I still love my Filipino culture. I still have my qualms. Especially now, that I am completely immersed, there is no escape from the things I love about my Filipinos. I am here in this country, and the only way out, is a ticket back. I shall post only a small tidbit about this now. On, the auctions are not really auctions, since the prices on the products sold there are so expensive; the prices are almost retail for used items. on the other hand, thank God! Great pricing. I've gotten a $100 Blackberry, $6 Abercrombie and Fitch clothes, $15 Diesel Jeans, and so many more. I guess I'm cheap.

Why do you think the pricing on is so expensive? How is that reflective of the culture? For me, it's because the Filipinos are not so willing to depart with their items; my friend said that they will use their items to the very end; till it can no longer be utilized. And these items on They're not really on auction, he said; they're just there sitting, until the right stupid, auction-impaired, foolish buyer sees it.

Of course, there's a lot of other reasons; I don't intend to list everything here. There's also a lot of culture reflections; to write all of them down here would take days. For now, I'll leave this as a simple reflection.

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