Wednesday, December 13, 2006

We Discriminate (BLATANTLY) in the Philippines

I don't know where to start with this one. Should I blast at the US corporation first? Or should I go straight into my rants about the Philippines again.

I'll take it easy on the Philippines this time. Let's hit this US corporation, this evil beast they call Wendy's.

I'm not sure if Wendy's America is aware of this situation. Probably not. For if they were, they would definitely pull this job post. In fact, they probably would not have allowed this to happen.

I'm sure y'all know what I'm talking about by now; I shall not be condescending. But in case there is that one person who happened to stumble on this site and has no clue what the heck I'm saying, well it's in reference to this picture. Can you read discrimination all over it? So what's so discriminating about this, some might say? What's so wrong about the job post?

18-22 years old? What about those that just turned 23? Can you say age discrimination? Sure, there will always be age discrimination. We won't allow nine year olds to work in a chemical lab. But 18-22 at Wendy's? I need not expound.

Male and female height requirement? Can you say "little people" discrimination? My 5'1 and a half sister cannot even qualify for this position, even though she's really good workin at fast foods in the US. Ha ha. OK, there's still humor in this. But damn it? Why Philippines? Why do we allow this? Or, why do we do this to ourselves?

2nd year college? Good lord! Who goes to college aspiring to be a Wendy's crew member? I need not expound here.

Can anyone say US lawsuits? Does anyone here in the Phil wanna have a class action lawsuit against this mighty US corporation? This is a major lawsuit waiting to happen.

So, Wendy's Greenbelt One. You better watch out. I'm not done with you.

I'm guilty. I've eaten here, even though I see this poster. Shit. But I make sure I ask the worker that's in front of the register. Are you at least 5'2"? Are you between the age of 18 and 22? Do you have at least 2nd year college experience? If you aswered no to anyone of these questions, I'm reporting you to your manager! If you answered yes to all, I'm still reporting you to your manager. For not having a "pleasing personality." Will sarcasm work? We'll try.

Any US lawyers seeing this post?


If you wanna read more, here's my letter to Wendy's corporate @

I am from Las Vegas, Nevada. I am in the Philippines, and I visited your Wendy's inside Greenbelt One in Makati.

I am appalled by what I saw. Blatant Discrimination. Discrimination that we would not tolerate in the United States. Discrimination that would be in-your-face illegal.

I need not expound. I have a picture of the Job Posting they have on the glass window of this Discrimination. Can you say lawsuit ahead?

Please take care of this issue immediately. If you wish to see the photo, I already posted it in my blog @.


jhay said...

This discriminating job post is driven by globalization. They have to keep employees young because the younger they are, the less they question authority, the harder they would work, plust that thinking that this job would just be a stepping stone and I'll be moving on to a new job within the next 6 months.

That 6 months is actually the length of the working contract these firms give to young workers. Even less.

Labor lawyers only work best in the US, here in the Philippines, they'd fire you or the other companies would never hire a worker who knows too much about his rights.

Anonymous said...


gbert said...

this is not just a single instance, there's plenty, all over the country. and there are even worse.

Gypsy said...

ei, i just saw ur blog today, and i was caught. i have loads of "cases" for a lot of "internationally" labelled violations here (govt & MNCs) and am waiting for the right "team" to start working with...
(I was rejected at transparency international!)

I hope you really mean what you post here, 'cause i do...

Anonymous said...

I laughed when I saw the photo and blog, but not because of it being discriminatory. I am an American living in the Philippines. There are simply too many people who are not qualified to do the jobs in this country. Height requirements are primarily safty driven, not based on aesthetics. College provides English training that is ridicluous outside the Metro area. This and the other Wendy's storess here are franchises...corporate has nothing to say about hiring practices in foregn lands. Lastly, WTF is wrong with you. You claim to be from the states but live here. The Philippines discriminates against Koreans, Japanese and caucasian expats all day long. If it weren't for these foreign companies marketing themselves in the RP (KFC, McDo, BK, Wendys, etc) you would have an even higher unemployment rate than exists.

You are a bigot. Grow up!

Dana and Debbie said...

Nice post - but it's not just Wendy's. It's Jollibee and McDonalds and others...all over the Phil's. Here in the states, its just the opposite. College age, young and attractive men and women wouldn't think of working fast food. What a world we live in....