Friday, September 15, 2006

Survivor, Asian Team with Two Pinoys Win first Challenge

Go Asians! Go Pinoy! There are two Filipinos in the five-Asian team in Survivor, a Filipina and a Filipino Hawaiian. This year's Survivor is probably going to be the most controversial ever. It is being deemed as a social experiment bordering on dangerous. Why? They have divided he tribes into ethnic groups: Asians, Latinos, Blacks, and of course, Whites.

It was an athletic and intellectual game. Put a boat together. Row to get fire. Row back to shore and put a puzzle together. Climb. And light the fire. The Latinos were ahead, but the Asians came back and won the event. Latinos second. Whites third. And the Blacks last. This is so interesting as it is pitting races against each other.

I'm not going to expound. I'm rooting for the Asians, of course, as there are two Pinoys in there. I hope that they will show the world the virtues of our culture. Hardworking, Intelligence, Patience, Cooperative, amongs many others.

Me, I'm rooting for the Asians for now. I may change my mind based on how people compete and play strategies.

Go Asian team. Mabuhay ang Pinoy.


Betchie said...

MABUHAY!=)I'm gonna start watching the show now that I know there's 2 pnoys in there. Hope they win, not that i'm bias or anything,ok maybe I am..hehehe..just wanted to leave a comment b4 i head on to sleep..nighty nite cuz!

Ferdz said...

Oh. It has started already??!! My interest in survivor faded after the 3rd season, this may get me hook again since we have Pinoys here.

rob said...

At first I wasn't really in favor of the segragation but when the show started I couldn't stop myself from cheering for PUKA -- the Asian tribe. Too bad they're now mixed in with the others. Hehe. But I'm still glad that the two Pinoys are still in one tribe. Go Jenny! Go Brad!