Sunday, September 10, 2006

Do Filipinos seriously think the Philippine Education System is Good?

I'd also like to add, that in one of the polls at , What grade will you give the Philippine Public Education System, 54% out of 310 voters gave the system a Passing and above rating.

Whoa! My head is spinning again. How in the world is the majority of Pinoys think that their education is passing? What is their criterion? I mean what kind of standards are we measuring that the simple majority thinks the education system is passing and better. I mean, a whopping 15% in this poll said it was an excellent system.

Is this symbolic of the Filipino's failures? I mean, if we cannot admit to ourselves that we have a problem, we will never solve the issues. It's just like those who are addicted; if they will never admit to their addiction, they can never really get over it.

Likewise, do we seriously think our Philippine education system is passing?


Anonymous said...

i think it can be good, but i think the upper two sections in the public schools are the only ones who are doing better. other than that. Not only are the public schools creating students who are inefficient but lacks morals and characters as well.. when majority is because the stupid government pockets money that are supposedly for the education of the masas.

VegasFilAmGuy said...

Poor Masa. How do we educate them so that they are not controlled by government and the media?

Wil said...

is the philippine education system good? depends on what the school's goals are. if the goal of the school is to manufacture nurses, engineers, and other professionals who will then leave the country to work, then yes, the education system is doing what it's supposed to do. many graduates attest to this. but if a school is supposed to create graduates who then stay in the philippines to improve the country, then perhaps it's not a good system.

Marvin Macatol said...

Hi! I ran into your blog while querying google, "How do Filipinos Think?"

I'm getting relevant information from your site. Anyhow, regarding Filipino education, I am bent on believing we have good education here. I won't say top, but good. Otherwise, how could we possibly send a lot of Filipinos to work abroad as seamen, nurses, engineers, etc.

I myself have a friend who studied medicine in UST, and is now a practicing doctor out there in USA. He was smart enough to take the exams for an internship in the USA. His younger brothers was not as lucky. A doctor like him, his younger brother went back to school to take Nursing so he could enter USA. It's not about the country's medical education at all, but a supply and demand situation in the medical field at work here.

What we lack, I believe, are entrepreneurs. Or, shall I say, the entreprenural spirit among the young. I'm seeing developments on this though. I see entrepreneurs young and old slowly making their marks in business.

Why do I point that out?

Because the Philippines embraces a capitalist system. To run it well, we need more entrepreneurs, not just employees. We've been trained all these years to be good employees. But with the present economic trends, entrepreneurs will provide additional leadership to make capitalism in the country a truly dynamic and compassionate one.

That's my two cents worth.