Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Multi Talented Filipino, Actor, Singer, Dancer, Economy Political Social Specialist

Bryanton Post: And now, some wise words from Lito Lapid

"Dare what it takes to be. Then we shall so because it is. To do or not, now or what else to be without." Lito Lapid.

Oh my God! I am heaving a brain hemorrhage. What in the world is this quote trying to say? It sounds almost like a Shakespearean speech gone mad. Shakespeare would be so insulted that his "To be or not to be" has been twisted, bent, wrung, squashed to the point of overkill.

I'm feeling light headed now. Oh my God, I'm about to throw up! Is this really a quote from Lito Lapid? It is not humanly possible to say something like that. I think this was made up as a joke. Who's playing a joke on me?

To be or not to be. That is the question. Shakespeare. But this is the Filipino version of it, right?

This is why we shouldn't have actors creating policies. How adept are they in the realm of economics, international relations, socio-economics, geo-politics, and the like? Are they experts in these arenas? They should just stay in acting. That's what they do best. Imagine if every actor thinks he can do brain surgery?

So every actor in the Philippines can act. Every actor can sing too. Damn, every actor can dance too. Whoa, every actor can create economic and social policies too? The Filipinos are surely a talented culture. But I don't think they are that talented. I mean, how can one be an actor, singer, dancer, and politician in one life. That is not fair to those who are just average. Why did God give all that talent to one person.

I don't blame the actors. If the Filipinos vote for them, then so be it. That is their choice.


jef said...

Yep! Actors should be glued only to the entertainement world. When will pinoys learn that the their supposed-knight-in-shining-armor are nothing but a bunch of clowns?

Tsk tsk tsk.

jhay said...

You can see it every single day in Philippine television; as long as you are good looking, white-skineed, and can speak english with a funny accent you're a star and you're licensed to sing, dance and play musical instruments even if you cannot.

All around talaga ang Pinoy tv personalities.

It climaxes during Sundays on SOP and ASAP; tele-novela or fanta-serye bidas on weekdays, dance floor divas and concert kings and queens on the weekends; even if they are bad dancers and horrible singers. Sheesh!

juno said...

like ur blog. exchange links?!

Mabuhay ang mga noypi!


Wil said...

well, he is a stunt-man/actor, after all. :D he's the Yogi Berra of the PHilippines. oops, that's probably an insult to Berra. hehe

ade said...

that. quote. is. a. winner.

Mia said...

Haha! Wow.

I'm more tolerant than most -- in that I allow for the possibilities of some actors having more brains than some politicians -- but I still don't believe in the prevailing implementation of democracy in the Philippines, which is "elections as popularity contests." We need to educate the masses.

...But we don't have an education budget! Oh noes.

VegasFilAmGuy said...

I remember seeing so many actors and actresses dancing. I would see 10 better dancers dressed alike and the actor in the middle dressed more noticeable (of course he/she's the star) dacing so horribly. But he's the one featured as the dancer. I saw that everyday. Then an actor who can't sing sells much more than the better singer. Then the singer who can't act finally has ten films. Then the award winning actor runs the country by running through politics.

One day, we will have actors opering in the emergency room.

One day, we will have actors representing us in court.

One day, we will have actors pilot the plane from the Phil to the US.

I hope the Filipinos don't allow that day to arrive.

Anonymous said...

i hate politics, i have not even voted. So hate me all you want, bvut i don't wanna get disappointed about this stupid masas voting stupid actors to be politicians. .... Sooooooo stupid.
I am enraged just by thinking about them running the office. stupid stupid stupid. All they ever know is how to look good on tv. AAAAAAAAARGH!!!! and the stupid masas would buy it.

VegasFilAmGuy said...

Politics is the best drama of all, don't you think? Politics in the Philippines, is beyond drama, though. It's melodramatic. It's a soap opera.

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