Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Filipinos Can Rise to the Occasion

Where did I read that statistic, where Filipino men are the horniest men in the world? I think it was in some Asian fitness magazine. Here in the US, Filipino men were once looked at as horny, perverted bastards. In the Philippines, the men are so used to whistling at a pretty girl that passes by. Filipino men, will "rise" to the occasion, if you know what I mean.

But this topic is a different type of rising to the occasion. Today, two of my Filipino colleagues are being promoted to managerial positions. They were chosen amongst a field of 100. That's really good. I'm really proud of them, as they exemplify the beauty of the Hardworking Filipino. They exude confidence.

Generally speaking, Filipinos lack pride; yes, I'll say it again. But my two colleagues have been noticed for their skills and abilities and their confidence in themselves. And Filipinos as a culture are not a proud people. One of my clients once told me that he wasn't used to my kind of Asian; he said that most Asian he knows are not in sales or marketing, and those he meets do not look him in the eye directly when having a conversation. I don't blame him; even here in the US, there are elements of the "white worship" from a Filipino.

There are Pinoys out there who are representing our people. But we need to see more of them. We need to lead, and inform those Pinoys who lack a sense of self, a sense of pride, that we are a strong, beautiful culture. And when we rise to the occasion, I hope it will be to the occasion that my two colleagues have risen to, not to what Filipino men are known for.


Ferdz said...

This is a very interesting blog. To see a perspective of a Filipino from a FilAm.

In regards to this post, Generally I agree that a lot of Filipinos seem less proud of themselves in contrast but I do know there are quite a number out there that can rise to the occasion.

It's just that the Filipino mindset needs some upgrading, like thinking more of being enterprenuers than being satisfied to be employees.

Very good post, and I hope a lot of Pinoys read this.

Anonymous said...

that put a smile on my face. that was indeed a very refreshing news. something we need. Something not crab-like... Ooops, something we filipinos are known for as well. i would just like to put my two hands up and a standing ovatiuon for the two. at least through blogs i hear something positive unlike in the news paper. it's same old same old. SAme old trash about corruption, killing, rape, police brutality, gossips and intrigues... not even worth reading, so i kinda just browse through the page and read on things that's just tickle my interest. Thank goodness there are blogs!!! and thanks for posting this article!!!

Marvin Macatol said...

We generally have a non-confrontational temperament. We tend to be reconciliatory and forebearing. Perhaps westerners whites misinterpret that as lack of pride. But Filipino pride, we do have. Look at what happened when derogatory remarks about the Philippines came out in Sex and the City.