Saturday, September 02, 2006

Blogging Can be Addictive and Dangerous

I must admit, I have been somewhat addicted to this blogging thing. I just started almost two weeks ago, and i've learned how to post, generate traffic, cut and paste, more cut and paste, and in the end, more paste and cut and cut and paste. After all, I'm not web geek. I just like to write. I like to pour my thoughts out on this thing; otherwise my head would explode.

So today, I royally screwed up! Cutting and pasting and more cutting and pasting. I totally screwed up one of those codes in there. The end result, my blog page looks like a hurricane signal number one million blew over it, along with an earthquake topping off the richter scale. To top it off, tornadoes just ripped through it.

So what is an uncomputer, unsavvy, uninternet geek guy like me do? Ask for help. So if any of you can tell me how to fix the crap that I just did, I would very much appreciate it. I'm not ashamed or embarassed to ask. Hey, I know what I've done, and I'll own up to it. That's right, I'm an idiot when it comes to html codes, so yes, please help. After all, we all wanna come back to this little blog of mine, right?

Like all my topics have been, I always try to link it to some Filipino related behavior. Well this one is about Filipinos asking for help when in need. My general observation is that Pinoys would rather try to solve things first when they need help; been there done that. That is just our culture. Our Pride. I'll fix it first. We don't go to shrinks/psychologists. We don't go to therapy. It's so shameful. It's embarassing.

Me, I don't mind. If it's going to help out, why not? So yes, if you can figure out how i can clean up my blog, I would truly appreciate it. And like the Filipinos say, at the end of their emails and letters, Thank you for your kind consideration.


Sayote Queen said...

Hello :) Just wanted to say your blog is improving everyday. Let me suggest a different layout template. Although you'll have to copy and paste all your widgets again. What help do you need? Would you like a new layout? There's a lot of sites offering free blog templates. Drop me a line. :)

Wil said...
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Wil said...

it looks like your sidebar info is not on the main page but is still there and viewable if you view a post by itself, for example, here. just scroll to the very bottom. looks like you didn't lose any of your posts. they're just not visible on the main page.

you can either fiddle with the template to get the sidebar adjusted. or you can just change the template to another template and then add the sidebar items again one by one. also, what i do is copy the code from my template (into notepad, for example) from time to time. that way, if i'm going to be fiddling with the template and i screw up the template, i just go to the code from notepad and then put it back into the template. hope that helps. good luck, man.

Peter Lavina said...

I had the same problems with this particular template. Thus, I readily changed it with other designs. If you want to stick to this template, you need to correct some html in your sidebar. You must have made entries that made your sidebar disappear on the left and showed up at the bottom.

jhay said...

Glad others have helped in with your template problems.

I'm not familiar with playing around in the html codes of blogger templates. But one advice I can give you is that everytime you're going to tweak, cut and paste anything on your template code, first thing to do is copy and paste your original or latest template code before doing any changes to it. Save this as a text file, this will be your backup copy in case things go wrong.

This would also work as a reference guide in making changes, try to visualise first before actually going under the hood.

Don't worry, you're not the only one suffering from blog-addiction.

Anonymous said...

"something new everyday!!!" your entries getting better and better. keep it up!!!

Gcol said...'re blog is getting better and better..fiddle with the template, copy from the original, and paste again....hehehe.maayos mo yan. It happened to me several times.

Mia said...

Hmm. It looks like there's a problem with your divs. I checked your source code and I think I have a vague idea of what went wrong. Are you going to keep this template? I think I can do some source code dissection later, if you still want the help.