Thursday, September 04, 2014

Getting Killer Abs and Becoming Fluent in English

Many people would like to get those killer 6-pack abs.  And if we can't get them ourselves, we would like to be with and have someone who does.  No matter how obsessed we are with looking good and having a to-die-for body, we simply find it too difficult to achieve those washboard abs.

How, then, do some people get those perfectly sculpted abs?  Is it a blessing?  Is it a gift?  Absolutely not.

Those who have it simply worked for it.  That's right.  No big secret.  Plain and simple.  Work for it.  They definitely had the right diet combined with the right exercises.

Compare the achievement of abs to the achievement of speaking English fluently.  It is not a blessing.  It is not a gift.  It is a skill that one must worked hard for.  Like having killer abs, it is a combination of the right practice and habits.  It is a combination of studying and practicing, meeting new English speaking friends, being around like-minded people, and studying and practicing again and again.  Study without practice and application doesn't do much.

I cannot emphasize enough how important to practice and apply what you have studied.  Like every skill, one must be passionate and motivated to continue to improve oneself.  In becoming a good English speaker, I would highly recommend to read books, speak English with friends, and enroll at a good English school.  Of course, I would recommend the American Institute for English Proficiency in Makati or Quezon City.  It is a great institution for learning English because English is not only a classroom subject there, it truly is a lifestyle and culture.

So whether you want to have a heavenly body with killer abs or be dynamic and powerful public speaker in English, don't forget, get the right combination of of habit, discipline, and lifestyle.


Anonymous said...

Yes! that's right to be a good public speaker always practice speaking and just like getting 6 pack abs all you need to do is work hard and there's a saying goes "if doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you. Just like practice "if you want an omelette you'll need to break some eggs" same goes if you want to better yourself.

Anonymous said...
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AIEPRO said...

Those are two good words: challenge and change. And yes, I want an omelette as well. I'll break at least two eggs on that one.