Monday, August 19, 2013

Learning Beyond the Classroom

It's always a great time at The American Institute:
At the American Institute, we take learning out of the four corners of the classroom.  We believe that spending time with our students outside of the classroom can help them improve their English and communication skills.

In this photo, Chris (Specialist), Daniel (Specialist), Rosdom (Marketing and former student), Leah (Marketing and former student) spend time with the students in Eastwood.  We listened to a band and spoke in English throughout the whole night.

The others in the photo are July (aspiring call center agent), Pretty (auditor), Ken (aspiring English teacher in Japan), Ziad (aspiring businessman), Jennifer (aspiriing businesswoman), and Edward (engineer now in Saudi Arabia).

Most of our students are Filipino professionals who want to improve their grammar, American accent, public speaking, and confidence.  From time to time, we also have foreigners who prefer to study at The American Institute because they are surrounded by Filipino classmates whom they can practice their English with.

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