Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Changes and Growth

I am changing the name of this blog to AIEPRO, which is the website of my school.

There comes a time when we morph into something new, to a better self. I have learned, throughout my one year and a half here in the Philippines, that we shouldn't take life too seriously, but also not to take life whimsically. We must have a good balance. It's a "yin yang." It's give and take. It's give and receive. It's karma.

AIEPRO for me has been a blessing. Through this project, I have seen the goodness in so many Filipinos, how they strive, and how they want to make a difference. On the other hand, I have seen how they don't want to make a difference at all. That's fine with me. I intend to help them see otherwise. I don't need to do it on a grand scale. I just have to remind myself everyday, one day at a time.

I had respect for different individuals before, but I learned it so much more here in the Philippines. It is sometimes hard to respect those who have different attitudes and values, and so I struggled here. But I am learning to adapt, to acculturate, and the battle continues. I remind myself everyday, that even if I cannot change other people's attitudes, I can change mine. That is all I have to worry about, for now.

And so, anyone can change. For better, or for worse. It's up to us to change our selves.

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