Tuesday, August 26, 2008

AIEPRO Blog Contest Worth over Php 10,995 in Cash and Prizes

START DATE: Contest starts September 1, 2008
END DATE: Contest ends September 30, 2008


1. You will be promoting your own website and ours. You will definitely gain more readers and fans for your blog.
2. You will be helping to promote English proficiency in the Philippines.
3. You will be helping to promote critical thinking, communication, and writing skills in the Philippines.
4. You will be fostering healthy debates and discussion, which are all essential elements for a democratic society.
5. The American Institute's First Most Active Blogger Award
6. CASH and PRIZES!!!


1. Create or post a NEW topic in any of the forum areas. (To promote your blog, make sure your forum/post signature contains your blog's web address.)

2. Copy your post and use it as an entry in your own blog.

3. At the end of your blog entry, please include the following message:

This blog post is an official entry in AIEPRO's contest for bloggers, in which the winner will win Php 10,995 in cash and prizes. To vote for this entry, please visit www.aiepro.org. (You may add more here to entice your loyal readers to support you.)

4. Come back to this thread and reply to this topic/thread by posting the address or URL of your post here in the forum. (Below, see the example in the reply to this post). Each time you create a new post here, you must come back to this thread/topic to post the URL of your new post!

5. You must have a new entry at least three (3) times a week. Simply repeat steps one to three above to create new entries/posts.

6. The winner will be the blogger who earned the most points.


A. Number of replies. We will count your posts/replies, up to a maximum of 25
B. Number of unique participants replying to your posts.
C. 50 Bonus Points if our website address is on your side bar as a link. Please use American Institute for English Proficiency as the title and www.aiepro.org as the address.
D. 100 Bonus Points if our logo is on your sidebar linking it back to www.aiepro.org. Resize if necessary.

Or directly to... http://aiepro.com/forum/index.php/topic,731.msg10254.html#msg10254

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