Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Whatever Happened to my Perpetrators?

It's been several months now since I was mugged by some young thugs in Pasay, and I wonder what happened to my perpetrators. I called the police station several times wondering when I was going to appear in court for the trial. They just told me it was coming soon, that I should receive the letter of instructions (subpoena, I believe) in a few more days.

The letter never arrived. Perhaps it was stolen. Maybe not.

What probably happened is that the police officers took some bribe money from the "hold uppers" and released them without consulting with Ms. Justice. Oh well, I am in the Philippines after all.

Sometimes, I feel so guilty, so helpless, so confused, so bad about this situation. Why couldn't I do anything? After all, I am an educated person, and I have some money. But why did I not fight this? My friends advised me that it was going to be a dangerous battle. They told me to let this battle end, and fight another battle. True, I didn't want to get involved with the police. I didn't want to be in another dangerous situation.

I hope one day God will forgive me that I didn't fight this battle.


TruBlue said...

Eye for an eye my friend! You could have used some of your money in hiring more evil thugs to salvage those who did you harm! If you had the guts. In a third world country like that, I would have done it. Am sure you were not born yesterday.

Gledwood said...

"... in another dangerous situation" ... are the police really that bad down your way?? oer!
I got mugged about 2 streets from the police station by my old house. i was so angry with the muggers (I didn't even have anything to steal so they left emptyhanded) that I decided to report the matter... the police asked how come I'd taken over an hour to get to them since the mugging ... i didn't tell them I'd attempted to hunt the muggers down to perpertrate my own justice!
i hope those bastards get punished!
I'm not sure Trublue understands the meaning of "an eye for an eye" ... it comes from the Bible and is a basic outlining of the current anglo-american law of TORTS ... it does not mean you knock out teeth .. it means someone who knocks out a tooth PAYS MONEY for that tooth.... THAT is the meaning of "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" ... that ridiculous saudi arabian eye-pokey out punishment being done on a poor indian man (it would never happen to a european there would be international outcry) is a profound MIS UNDERSTANDING of that law

and that is INjustice!!

all the best


TruBlue said...

Dude, you just said you were hunting down for an hour those who did you injustice? Meaning you were bent on retaliating!! You were not looking for them to ask for compensation, were you!!?? They'll mug you more!!!
For you to even suggest that "eye for an eye" means you break my leg and I'll turn around and seek justice for you to pay for my broken leg is insane especially in the Philippines or third world contries. They don't have funds that's why they're using brute force to extract money from any weaklings out there!! Dream on my friend!?
If Mr VegasFilAm will be compensated by these thugs who did him harm, I'll glad pay you the same amount he was paid. It's a jungle out there and survival is the norm. Sometimes, you have to lay-off of what the Bible says!
Cheers and goodhealth...

Anonymous said...

err.. if you didn't do anything, it won't stop the battle, it will only prolong... on the long run. :)

Gypsy said...

there's no battle, outside that is. just within you. last 2 weeks ago, i brought a battered 5 year old neighbor at the police station, and the women/child protection desk officer was appalled at what she saw... then, during the interview, she told me about "if only someone will file a case..." (against the suspect). I told her, "there's prima facie evidence, so, you can, you're a police!" (so much for that latin phrase, lol! I didn't have an idea what that means!)
anyway, the battle is that, your frustration with whatever system you dislike will eat you...

Anonymous said...

Yes, the system can easily corrupt the weak.