Friday, February 09, 2007

Things Happen for a Reason

Yes, it's a cliche. It's used over and over again. But there is so much truth into it. It's timeless and universal. Even though I have just gone through a horrifying experience here in the Philippines, I know that I have to turn it into a positive spin. There are times when things just don't go the way you want them to, but the reason why things happen the way do will slowly reveal themselves to you slowly.

When unfortunate things happen, it is the way that a person handles them is the true measure of character. What kind of a person are you? Are you strong? Tough? Courageous? Hopeful? Hardworking? Motivated? Or do you die? Do you sink into oblivion? I've always handled negative forces in a way to strengthen my character. Yes, there is a time for grieving. But I will not dwell on that time. I will make use of my time, and make sure that I move forward and look forward to a greater future.

So on a positive note, my business venture here in the Philippines is slowly taking off. It is moving in the right direction, and I am helping people at the same time. It's very rewarding when my clients have come back to me and thank me for the help I have given them.

I am forever tied to the Philippines and the Filipino people; I now have a vested interest here more than I could ever imagine. I only hope that gives me more strength and courage to face the issues here in the Philippines. To stand up. To challenge. To change.


snglguy said...

It's but normal to go through a period of grieving for our loss, whether it be financial or personal. Good to know that you're not dwelling on it and made use of your time and energy for more positive things.

Wil said...

that's like the saying, "when life hands you lemons....".

I'm getting curious about this business venture. So mysterious naman. :D helping people, huh? anyway, sounds like you're doing well. peace.

Palm Springs Savant said...

I really like your blog..its a fun read. keep on bloggin!

karlodl said...

Its good to see people loving our country, i wanted to leave the Philippines for good when i was smaller until i realized that theres no other place like the Philippines. Its is my home base and will always be.

keep it up!

The Sleepy Traveler

AL said...

Keep up the very good attitude. There is nothing like adapting to the place where you like to live.

... Good your business is picking up!!!

Have a great week ahead!

Cyberpunk said...

i always hear that times are hard for businesses here in the philippines. i dunno if that's true or not. well at least your business is doing ok.

just keep doing what you're doing :)