Friday, September 22, 2006

Survivor: Asian Team with Two Pinoys Win Again

This new season of Survivor on CBS is quite provocative. It has been termed as a social experiment on television that has never been done before. It is controversial, yet innovative.

So here's a brief analysis on this so called social experiment.

Asians win again:

These challenges are full of puzzles, and of course, the Asians will dominate the because Asians are known for being intelligent. Great stereotyping here. Can we call this postive stereotype? Is there such a thing? The Asian team is comprised of two Korean lawyers, one mixed Filipino fashion director, one Filipina real estate agent and a Vietnamese. I don't know what he does. He's the odd ball in that group.

Can you say Asians, the model minority? Another stereotype.

Latinos throw the game:

The Latinos purposely threw the game because they felt that they had a lazy person on their team who will only bring the team down. The team was willing to lose a game, instead of preserving their team and helping out one person to perform their job well.

What does this say about that team? Is it willing to sacrifice a member of the group to lose a weak link? Is it not interested in cooperation? Unity? How about helping fellow members out? Are they just so quick to just vote off their weakest link, when they could have had the chance to win and help change this weak link along the process?

Overall analysis:

Are these events reflective of culture? Are they reflective of the Blacks? the Asians? the Whites? the Latinos? Or are these events reflective of the American culture altogether? For now, I see a combination of both. There are certainly cultural factors that come into play. But overall, I see the competitive American. The only deviation for now is the Latinos, who were willing to throw the game; but then again, this is also a very American strategy.

I'm still rooting for the Asians. They are the team to beat. They are intelligent and athletic. And better yet, there are two Pinoys in there.


Jhed said...

I'm an avid viewer of the Survivor series and I was quite turned off by the way they divided their tribes. For me, it imposes generalization and it's definitely unfair for some races.

And I kinda agree with you, it's not much of a Black or White culture. It's more of an American culture, because obviously they all grew up in America.

Nonetheless, Survivor is still Survivor and I will still watch this no matter how crappy the twist is.

Oh, and I'm cheering for the Asian team as well. REPRESENT!

ianmadrid said...

Root always for the Asian especially there are Filipinos.

If a Japanese can be Wiener Eating World Champion or an Air Guitar World Champion.

Definitely Asians got talent.

I don't watch Survivor though after the second season because I prefer watching The Amazing Race.

Ferdz said...

Got a chance to catch the 2nd episode and they [Asians] do look more organized and intelligent than the other teams.

jef said...

I used to watched survivir before and yeah, it is a great show no doubt.

I have watched the premier episode for the current season and I'm uber proud that 2 Pinoys are doing their share for the limelight.

Asians Rule:-)

Anonymous said...